Little Chef

Child care experts agree that children appreciate a wider variety of food when they participate in preparation. Here are just a few of the reasons why cooking is part of our curriculum.


  • Encourages creativity, by allowing children to make decisions and to create new recipes.
  • Teaches how things change, through various processes in the kitchen e.g. by heating, freezing, grinding , and beating – food is made ready to eat, through the simple mixing of ingredients or watching water boil or freeze, for example, children experience different states of matter.
  • Builds self-confidence, by encouraging children to take part in and contribute to the adult world, it also provides great satisfaction and develops positive self-esteem.
  • Develops children’s fine motor skills by encouraging them to use cooking tools, such as shredders, graters and grinders.
  • Teaches about other cultures, as food preparation is universal to all people regardless of the socio-economic level or culture.


We invite parents and community volunteers to lead the children in creating food and snacks from other countries and cultures.