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Are you looking to setup a corporate daycare?

You are in the right place!

The Early Years, early childhood development center and daycare, has been developed and modified on international pedagogies of learning.Our programs are fulfilling for a child’s growing needs, they also focus on the holistic development of children.

TEY was established in 2006, by Sophia Kasuri, the leading early childhood development expert of Pakistan. Having acquired Early Childhood Development training from USA, UK & Brussels, she has constantly modified and innovated the TEY programs to stay at par with international standards.

Over the years TEY has worked with leading multinational companies to set up their daycare services.

Services available:

  • Daycare Physical Setup
  • Administrative and Management Setup
  • Staff Training
  • Early Childhood Development Curriculum Development

For queries on daycare management, setup, training, please email us at farhan.jawa@bh.edu.pk