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The Early Years
The Beaconhouse School System continues to grow to meet the needs of an ever changing society and in doing so it proudly announces the establishment of the Early Years: Child Development Centre.
It is our firm belief that our young children need opportunities to interact with the environment, to explore and to learn by ‘trying out’ things for themselves.
The value and importance of children’s initial attempts and positive adult encouragement for tasks which seem trivial to us cannot be under estimated. It is essential that children’s early experiences contribute towards building a positive self image and help children become confident independent individuals.
We believe the human mind grows best in a spirit of freedom and cooperation, at the early years we provide your child with this environment.

The Bridge Classroom


In February 2007 TEY had a separate room constructed for children aged between two and a half to three years. Children of this age group have a longer attention span than younger children and are cognitively able to assimilate more information. They need more challenge and extension on the skills they have already acquired. The bridge class uses the project based learning approach for children. An interdisciplinary (or cross-curricular) project can be child originated or proposed by the teacher. Projects are structured in an open ended manner and move with the requirements of the children. Through projects, children are encouraged to discuss, investigate, research and reflect. The experiences that children are involved in promote creative and critical thinking; and usually require children to work together, building invaluable social and teamwork skills. In the bridge classroom, projects allow for a holistic and effective approach to learning. Children are familiarized with various concepts in a meaningful, contextualized manner, building on their innate curiosity and motivating them to learn.

The bridge classroom also serves as a ‘bridge’ between The Early Years and TNS Beaconhouse. Children in the bridge class can also go on to another school at or after the age of three.